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October 21-23

39th Annual Research and Treatment Conference | Online

Conference Program Co-Chairs:  
Mark E. Olver, PhD, RD Psych & Jill D. Stinson, PhD

The 39th Annual Research and Treatment Conference sponsored by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers will be held online for the first time ever!

This conference will offer symposia, workshop presentations, poster sessions, discussion groups, and advanced clinics relating to issues in both victim and perpetrator research and treatment. 

Conference Plenary Speaker

In this plenary, I will review what we have discovered about online sexual offending, and what the major gaps are. Topics will include what we know about the characteristics of individuals who commit online sexual offenses, distinguishing between types of online sexual offenses, explanation of online sexual offending, risk assessment, and intervention. Much of the presentation will focus on child sexual exploitation material (CSEM, legally known as child pornography) offending because most of the research has focused on this type of offending, but other types of online sexual offending will be discussed. An innovative new treatment program, and its implications for prevention of online offending at scale, will be highlighted.

Conference Plenary Speaker

Through the Glass: One Woman’s Pursuit of Justice, Healing and Forgiveness

SHANNON MORONEY was a high school teacher and counsellor in 2005 when violence tore her life apart. Her husband was in custody after confessing to the sexual assault and kidnapping of two women. Shannon tells the story of her husband’s arrest, trial, sentencing, and the insights she gained about justice, healing and the relationship between the two as she struggled to triumph over tragedy. Openly sharing her experiences, reading selected pieces from her book and using photos and artwork to illustrate her journey, Shannon leads you through an unforgettable ordeal and inspire hope even in the most desperate moments of the human condition, and offers practical personal and professional strategies for building resilience.



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